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Alcohol & Opiate Rehab Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)



Clearly one of the deadliest and catastrophic disease epidemics in our country, opiate abuse has been increasing exponentially over the past decade. The rapid acceleration of this monstrous addiction is due, in part, to irresponsible regulatory oversight, inappropriate prescription practices, and profit-seeking development of terribly addictive pharmaceuticals. Our country finds itself in a hyper-acute emergency.

 Individuals, families, and communities are being torn apart as a result of this miserable addiction. What frequently begins as a simple experimentation with prescription pills, or the inappropriate treatment of a chronic condition with powerful narcotics, may inevitably progress to a desperate and life threatening problem with high dose prescription pills or IV heroin. In some states, opiate overdose accounts for more deaths than car accidents! Methadone maintenance and Suboxone therapy can be effective for a number of individual to change their lifestyle, and allow them to emerge from terribly destitute conditions. But understandably, many individuals wish to be completely unshackled from any addictive substances or their substitutes.  This is where naltrexone medication assisted treatment comes in.

 At Addiction Recovery Centers, we support the goal of lifelong abstinence. Once patients have completed a safe, tolerable, and assisted detoxification process, we will frequently employ naltrexone which serves to significantly reduce the constantly intrusive obsessions to drink or use, and will physically block the action of opiates or alcohol in the brain. Long acting naltrexone therapy combined with one-on-one counseling provides the best opportunity for success.

Customized for Each Patient


✓ Private Counseling

✓ Outpatient Medical Support

✓ Patient Advocacy​

Medication Assisted Treatment Options for Opioid Addiction and Dependency:


✓ Naltrexone Implant

✓ Oral Naltrexone

✓ Vivitrol Injection

✓ Buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex)

Out-of-Town Concierge Arrangements Available!

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