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Alcohol & Opiate Rehab Outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)


Comprehensive Medical Treatment and Counseling Treating Opioid and Alcohol Addiction and Dependency.

This is more than a second chance….. This is a new science-based approach to living ….

a happier, healthier drug and alcohol free life!

Addiction Recovery Centers is a leader in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) which uses a combination of medications to eliminate or substantially reduce cravings and counseling.

The Mission of Addiction Recovery Centers is to provide every patient with a committed, comfortable, compassionate, individualized, and science-based treatment of their disease. With a firm dedication to ensure a thoroughly comprehensive recovery program, Addiction Recovery Centers strives to optimize each individual patient’s opportunity to create a healthy, happy, alcohol or opiate free life.

Addiction Recovery Centers has combined the use of naltrexone and or buprenorphine in its various forms (Revia, Vivitrol, Probuphine) with a very effective and proprietary personal counseling program, tailored to each individual.

One-On-One private and personal counseling sessions are individually tailored to the context of a patient’s day-to-day life. Confidential – Only those whom you wish to inform are aware that you are enrolled in a recovery program. One-on-one counseling sessions are conducted in person, over the phone, or via skype, whichever is most convenient. No inhouse treatment required (100% Outpatient). There are no mandatory group sessions to attend. Counseling sessions are arranged between the patient and his or her personal counselor to fit the patient’s schedule.

Exclusively at Addiction Recovery Centers

Addiction Recovery Centers in the only program in the state of Arizona to offer the long lasting Naltrexone Implant – worry free, no monthly injections or daily pills. The very effective Naltrexone implant will significantly reduce or potentially eliminate the nagging and constant impulses within the fragile ecosystem of the mind.

From Our Executive Medical Team

This is more than a second chance, a new science-based approach to living a happier, healthier drug and alcohol free life!

Naltrexone clearly affects the time course of the post-acute withdrawal syndrome. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome consists of long term irritability, cravings, depression and insomnia. It likely represents low-grade withdrawal and it is probably contributed to by persistent physiologic imbalances that make the brain less sensitive to its own endorphins. This can take from several months to up to a year to resolve. The use of naltrexone accelerates the resolution of these imbalances and people feel better within a week or two.

The drug does this by sensitizing the brain to the naturally occurring endorphins. Naltrexone has classically been considered just a blocker so it has been difficult to understand how this would work. However, recent research over the past few years show the drug works as an INVERSE AGONIST. In order to understand this means, one must first understand that the opioid receptors have a baseline activity even when not stimulated. It is as if there is an idling speed (which is significantly increased during early withdrawal) and will be active even when not filled with either a drug or a natural endorphin neurotransmitter. The naltrexone reduces this activity.

This forced reduction in activity changes the cell in several ways. It increases the number of available receptors and it changes the expression of a wide variety of other proteins; the cell becomes more responsive to the natural endorphins. It will also change in the way it interacts with other cells downstream in the brain. The whole process results in an improved state of well being much more quickly.

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